The Disc Dog Texas State Championship-Fairfield will be held Memorial weekend May 25-27, 2024 (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) in Fairfield, Texas City Park Soccer Fields.

Competitors from all over the state and the country will arrive to compete in world championship qualifier competitions all three days.

Bring your chairs, a picnic and cooler, a popup tent if you like, sit and stay awhile!

Approximate Schedule

Saturday - May 25, 2024 - Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance and Disc Dog A Thon. Games will start at 8am and finish by midday.

Sunday - May 26, 2024 - Skyhoundz Classic. Freestyle and Distance & Accuracy games will start at 8am and finish mid-afternoon.

Monday - May 27, 2024 - UpDog Games! will start at 8am and run all day. Come out Mid-morning for Themed Performance Freestyle Rounds!

Come on out and enjoy the show!

Thank you Fairfield!

Huge thank you to City of Fairfield! We are delighted to work with Fairfield providing disc dog preferred grounds and facilities. See you all soon!

For additional details and information contact Chaz King at 817-999-8648 or Facebook Messenger please text or schedule a call.