The Disc Dog Texas State Championship-Fairfield

The Disc Dog Texas State Championship-Fairfield will be held the last weekend in May 2024. We'll begin on Saturday, play all day Sunday with an evening banquet, and all day Monday.

This event will take place at City of Fairfield Soccer Fields.

Novice disc dog categories are available so if you have a disc dog, feel free to come out and join the fun. 

Join the conversation at this Facebook Group: Disc Dog Texas State Championship - Fairfield for updates, announcements, and questions.

We are delighted to work with the City of Fairfield providing disc dog preferred grounds and facilities. We all can't wait to visit! 

Everyone working together to bring top quality disc dog talent to compete for coveted Texas State Championship prizes and world championship qualifications in three well established leagues:

  • Saturday, May 25: Skyhoundz Disc Dog-a-thon & Extreme Distance (

  • Sunday, May 26: Skyhoundz Classic (

  • Monday, May 27: UpDog (