Disc Dog Texas State Championship Code of Conduct

We encourage our members to be responsible, engaged citizens striving to make a positive impact at all events.  

Abusive behavior, verbal or physical towards your dog, another dog or any human will not be acceptable. Anyone exhibiting this behavior will be asked to leave.

Dogs must not be allowed to roam freely without active supervision. You MUST keep your dog on a leash or in a crate when you are not performing or actively engaged with your dog. If your dog is crate aggressive, please cover the crate and control the actions of your dog at all times.

Please always pick up and clean up after your dog if they eliminate in a common area. We try very hard to maintain good relations with the communities that allow us to host our events in their areas. Always leave the event site cleaner than you found it!

All of the people running the competitions or practices are volunteers who do this out of love for the dogs and the sport, so try to be patient and appreciative of their efforts and help out if you can. 

Encourage others as they are playing/performing with their dog. Always show good sportsmanship. Remember this is a family sport.

Do not bring a female dog in any stage of heat to an event. Consider the safety of your dog, as well as the other members and their dogs at all times.

Always be respectful and please remember to keep it family friendly.

We strive to make our events a positive, fun, and rewarding experience for you and your dog(s). If we feel anyone’s behavior is counterproductive to this goal, they may be asked to leave the event.

The Disc Dog Texas State Championship organization reserves the right to deny service or participation in this event to individuals who violate this Code of Conduct. 

Event hosts or head judge have the right to deny, refuse participation or ask any participant to leave this event due to breach of ethics.

This organization will NOT deny service or participation due to an individuals race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.